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New Flamingo generation on its way - Saturday 14. of June
Following a turbulent and rather unusual start to the breeding season, a record-breaking number of Flamingos have now settled down in the Trinitat salt pans in the Ebro Delta. 2.454 pairs of Greater Flamingo have initiated nesting attempts; this is over 600 pairs more than the previous years, where ...
Bird numbers peak in the Ebro Delta - Tuesday 29. of January
The provisional analysis of the data from this winter’s waterbird count in the Ebro Delta suggests that the number of birds wintering in the delta has reached a new peak. Never before has Illa de Buda harboured so many wintering ducks, and never before have the flocks of shorebirds and coots been qu...
Mas de Buñol - a vulture feeding station in the Matarranya region of Spain - Thursday 6. of July
As the farmers in Europe are now forced to remove any dead cattle from their pastures to avoid the spreading of diseases, the Spanish vultures are in many areas having difficulties finding sufficient food. Several of the large vulture populations of the region have diminished, and some have taken to...
Boat trip to Columbretes Saturday, July 28th 2007 - Tuesday 30. of May
A full day's guided boat trip to the isolated islands of Columbretes in the Mediterranean Sea. The boat will leave from Peñiscola at 8:00 and return at 18:00. It will be possible to swim and snorkle around the islands.

Fish will be thrown out to attract gulls and other seabirds during the trip. W...

American visitors in the Ebro Delta - Tuesday 30. of May
Less than a month after the last sighting of a Wilson's Phalarope in the Ebro Delta, another two shorebirds from the other side of the Atlantic have been drawn to the area. On the 27th of May a Pectoral Sandpiper was found in the organic rice fields of SEO/Birdlife at Illa de Riu, and on the 28th a ...
The Dupont's Lark may be extinct in Catalonia! - Friday 10. of March
The last census in Catalonia of the Dupont's Lark, which has been chosen as the bird of the year 2006 by SEO/Birdlife, reveals that this species may no longer be found in the region. Just a single male was heard in Catalonia in 2005, and there is not much hope for a population increase.

The Cata...

Dupont's Lark in Balchite plains


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